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Balya (strength promoting activity) is an action which is considered as one of the important concept as per Charaka. Due to this reason a group of 10 drugs is described for balya activity. In general any action that increases “Bala” (~strength) of the individual is seen as “Balya”. In other words that which is favorable and lead to the increase of “Bala” or strength is considered as “Balya”. Hence it is quite necessary to understand the concept of Bala as per Ayurveda. Thus to understand the action Balya it is necessary to know the concept of “Bala” in Ayurveda.

Even though, Bala stands for the strength of the body, the word is being used in different contexts to denote various aspects accordingly. All the aspects related to Balya action in-fact do have either functionality or even a direct or indirect beneficial effect on the strength of the body. Thus, the evaluation of an activity of the drug with respect to a complex action like Balya, it is very important to have a cluster approach of many investigations, such that a total and a precise evaluation of actions like Balya are possible. The paper tries to provide a profound review of the action and also gives possible common investigations to be adopted for the evaluation of Balya action clinically.

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