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Education Programme

Srivedamaayu has taken responsibilities of educating about the knowledge of Ayurveda and its benefits and treatments. So Srivedamaayu conducts 3 months, 6 months and yearly based education program for doctors and therapists.

Sri Vedamaayu careful attention to food preparation and the dietary principles of Ayurvedic cooking. Our Ayurvedic Cooking Course includes basic knowledge of Ayurvedic dietetics and the practical application by learning how to make over a dozen traditional recipes. In this course you will learn how to cook delicious vegetarian meals that are both tree-doshic (balancing for all doshas) and also specifically balancing for vata, pitta, and kapha.

In addition you will learn the following:

  • Tips for Ayurvedic cooking for busy people
  • The six tastes and their affect on the doshas
  • Organic verse natural
  • Food as Medicine – therapeutic vegetables and spices that detoxify the body
  • Food combinations that create toxins
  • How to use spices and their medicinal value – how to make your own personal dosha balancing spice mix
  • The role of digestive fire called Agni
  • Weight balancing tips
  • How to make ghee, homemade yogurt, panier, and lassi.
  • How to make non gluten, non yeasted flat breads
  • Western style Ayurvedic recipes – pastas, pesto, desserts, main courses
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Science of eating

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  1. Is this an online course?

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