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About us

Srivedamaayu – is a visionary institution created out of knowledge, commitment and foresight of a team of Ayurvedic doctors to provide quality healthcare services to all sections of society. The physicians at Srivedamaayu, by virtue of their deep understanding of the concepts of Ayurveda have been constantly innovating and adapting the Ayurvedic treatments to suit the changing healthcare needs of different sections of the population. Our dedicated team of doctors and supporting staff strives to serve the ailing humanity in an ambience of utmost care & comfort. We are also ISO Certified hospital in Mangalore, India.

Our Principles

Ayurvedic is India’s traditional and natural system of medicine that has been practised for more than 5000 years. Ayurvedic emphasises prevention of diseases, rejuvenation of body, extension of life and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. Srivedamaayu is engaged in the practice and propagation of Ayurveda, The ancient health care system of India. Srivedamaayu offers classical Ayurvedic medicines and authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies to patients.

Ayurveda believes that prevention is better than cure. The therapeutic approach is focused not only at the disease as such, but it is directed at the patient as a whole. So Ayurveda offers a cure that is often termed as holistic. Srivedamaayu is a one of its kind center for holistic health services that rejuvenates the body physically, mentally and spiritually. It is a tribute to natural living and aims to provide guidance regarding food and lifestyle, blending traditional wisdom with modern conveniences, so that healthy people can stay healthy and those with health challenges can improve their health.

Why choose us

Srivedamaayu Ayurveda therapies have a vital role in the healing of ailments along with medicines. Ayurvedic practitioners of Srivedamaayu developed therapies differentiating itself from other Ayurvedic practices. The treatment divisions have a team of expert physicians and therapists, and a multi-disciplinary panel of doctors qualified in various specialties. At Srivedamaayu, you can savor the best of Panchakarma treatments, a unique treatment protocol employed in curative and preventive aspects of human health developed by the Srivedamaayu practitioners.

Our Team

ISO 9001:2015

Providing All Types of Ayurvedic Multispeciality Treatment At the Best of Ancient Technology at Its Original Form.

Certificate number: 25861

This certificate is valid from 02-Aug-2017 until 02-Aug-2020 And remains valid subject to satisfactory surveillance audits On or before 01-Aug-2018 and 01-Aug-2019. Re-certification audit due on 02-Aug-2020. Certification expiry on 01-Aug-2020.


  1. My wife and myself are seniors, has no known serious illness. however, we like to get a medical evaluation and possibly Panchakarma treatment, if required.

    1. Hello,
      Please call me 09739465916 or mail us : [email protected]
      Dr Keshavraj.

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