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The treatment of any pathological state is based on a skill full assessment of the doshas (the vitiating factors related to psyche and the soma) and the dooshyaas (the vitiated elements), and all other elements mentioned in the diagnostic tools.
The basic line of treatment in ayurveda includes:
1. Cessation of the exposure to the causative factors ,
2. a) increasing the elements decreased,
b) decreasing the elements increased,
c) propelling the elements increasing the limits,
d) maintaining the elements in equilibrium.

Ayurveda believes that all diseases are psychosomatic, which is now accepted globally in all form of medical sciences. Hence ayurveda aims at treating not only the body, but the psyche too. Therefore, it can be rightfully said that ayurveda treats not the ailment alone, but the patient as a whole.

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