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The 3 elements viz.. The Vaata Pitta Kapha collectively forms the Tridoshas. The understanding and assessment of the Tridoshas are crucial in understanding the diagnosis and treatment aspect of Ayurveda. One needs to know that –
• The Vata dosha is not equivalent to air or wind alone.
• The Pitta dosha is not equivalent to bile alone.
• The Kapha dosha is not equivalent to phlegm alone.

These Tridoshas have a deeper meaning; It is to be understood by an ayurvedic enthusiast. Ayurveda believes that –
• Health is a state of Tridoshic equilibrium, and disease is a state of doshic imbalance.
• All diseases emanate from the doshic vitiation by the Nidana (causes).

The line of treatment in ayurveda aims at restoring the vitiated doshas to a state of equilibrium.

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